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The Crane. A thousand years of life. A thousand years of happiness. A thousand years of values that come together in a single crane, capable to be transformed into a precious gift. A wish that takes shape from the purest lines of an origami and that gives life to a successful project. Quality and attention to details are the foundations of a business history with strong roots and projected towards the future. A future where present means professionalism, craftsmanship, research, innovation and care for the environment.

From the idea to the project up to industrialization, each SitLand product tells the tale of the commitment and know-how of 37 years of corporate life and of people who believed with tenacity and dedication in an ambitious project, creating a story of success that has known how to deal with adversity.

Important recognitions from the world of industry (company of excellence for Confindustria) and more stand to witness this path made of challenges and provocations, aiming for multiple definitions of design.

An innovative design.
A design that makes every seat useful.
An aesthetically appealing design.
A design that gives sense to every product.
A design capable of giving expression to the people who use it.
An honest design, never boastful.
A modern design that gives life to the best selling seats, where SitLand embodies the past, present and future.
An accurate design, recognizable in the smallest detail.
A design attentive to the environment and to people.
An invisible design.

Premio Eccellenza Confindustria