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SitLand invests in your health
21 September 2014
SitLand invests in your health
The new laborious goal of SitLand has been the achievement, in September 2014, of the GREENGUARD Certification and GREENGUARD Gold Certification, issued by UL Environment laboratories, for many of its products.

GREENGUARD e GREENGUARD Gold are products' certifications released after accurate laboratory tests which assure a low level of chemical emissions of the GREENGUARD tested products in the inner environments. As a matter of fact. in the inner environments, the air is 2 - 5 times more polluted than on the outside and the pollutants comes from products and materials that we use every day. Therefore, the quality of air in the inner spaces is an important issue when people pass the most part of their time in inner environments.

The products certified GREENGUARD ensure a low level of chemical emissions, therefore a better quality of air in those places where they are used. Those chairs which obtained the GREENGUARD Gold certification grant the total absence of chemical emissions, then they are the safest choice for public spaces like schools and healthcare setting.
The products certified GREENGUARD contribute to create Leed buildings.

For more information on GREENGUARD, visit the official web site or contact us at