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Sitland @Orgatec 2018
30 October 2018
Sitland @Orgatec 2018
Digitalization and new international economic scenarios have influenced the life of every individual in a significant way. The contemporary work style is increasingly social, mobile and collaborative. Therefore, it becomes necessary to rethink spaces: the boundaries between public and private life intersect, but the necessity of feeling good remains unchanged. It is precisely in this light that “Smart Your Life” is born, a project that embraces the vision of the Mezzalira Investment Group, represented at Orgatec 2018 through a new way of interpreting the space where the protagonist is the person who lives it.

Sitland and Sinetica, in partnership with the Architecture Firm Mantero Associati of Milan, specialized in Office Design, has given life to a space to experiment. 240 m2 of surface that take shape with furniture solutions to live: design reappropriates its true meaning, in which function and aesthetics are essential.

“Freedom” is our favourite word for illustrating the space without borders imagined for Orgatec. Freedom to do what we must or what we want, but always at our ease. Man’s greatest desire is to feel free, and the space in which we live is one of the elements that conditions this sensation the most.
With this intent, we have designed a space that, also thanks to the synergetic work with other companies of the Group, is capable of interpreting the claim “Smart your life” by going beyond the office, so as to offer that feeling of wellness and freedom that everyone would like to enjoy at any time of the workday.


The range of finishes for fabrics, floors and structures is enhanced to offer more solutions to the market. Product research and development get new certifications on Made-in-Italy and sound absorption, as in the case of Cell 128.

On system
Design by design Paolo Scagnellato – Emanuele Bertolini – Jeremiah Ferrarese

“On” is an original seating system for various kinds of spaces. It is a seat that inspires and gives shape to the most varied aesthetic and functional experiences: communal, collaborative, training and transit spaces. The simple shape of the seat allows countless colour solutions and encloses a system with “patent pending” for movement management and lifting adjustment.

“On” is a project that encourages an active and dynamic seating position. An invisible system, concealed in the original disc seat, allows a 3D movement that guarantees the utmost stability while stimulating the mind and the body. With its 360° movement, the “On” seat allows the user to find the most comfortable upright position. It follows the body when it moves and keeps it active by stimulating the muscles.

“On” features minimalist lines and invisible technology with no visible connecting elements or mechanical coupling elements. In the adjustable versions, the “On” seat acts as a lever for height adjustment: when a slight upward pressure is exerted on any point of the seat bottom, a gas-lift device is activated that allows the user to adjust the chair to different heights according to needs thanks to a perfectly integrated system.

“On” is not only comfortable. The “On” seat is a furnishing accessory that encourages creativity and offers countless modular solutions, starting from a single element: the seat. “On” can be fully customised in the colours of plastic elements and the seat upholstery, available in a wide range of fabrics and colours. A simple hooking system allows “On” to be attached to any type of base, thus meeting the most varied functional needs: a fixed stool with 4 legs, a height-adjustable stool, stackable seats, benches with and without a backrest, and sectional and modular systems for meetings, etc.