A new vision of workspaces

From 16th to 18th April 2019 Sitland its latest novelties in Paris with the aim of giving shape to a new way of interpreting the space where the protagonist is the person who lives it: Smart Your Life!

Warm and brightly shades gave colors to "Cell128" and underlined the lines of "On", the stool that encourages an active and dynamic seating position. An invisible system, hidden in the original disc seat, allows a 3D movement that guarantees the utmost stability while stimulating the mind and the body.

Among the novelties, Sitland also presented to the French market "Why Not", design by Dorigo. "Why Not" is a collection of chairs with simple elegant lines that reveals a sophisticated mechanism offering excellent ergonomics. "Why Not" is a chair with refined aesthetic appeal designed for the contemporary office and for living spaces.