“On” is an original seating system for various kinds of spaces. It is a seat that inspires and gives shape to the most varied aesthetic and functional experiences: communal, collaborative, training and transit spaces. The simple shape of the seat allows countless colour solutions and encloses a system with “patent pending” for movement management and lifting adjustment.

Switch On wellbeing

“On” is a project that encourages an active and dynamic seating position. An invisible system, concealed in the original disc seat, allows a 3D movement that guarantees the utmost stability while stimulating the mind and the body. With its 360° movement, the “On” seat allows the user to find the most comfortable upright position. It follows the body when it moves and keeps it active by stimulating the muscles.

Switch On technology

“On” features minimalist lines and invisible technology with no visible connecting elements or mechanical coupling elements. In the adjustable versions, the “On” seat acts as a lever for height adjustment: when a slight upward pressure is exerted on any point of the seat bottom, a gas-lift device is activated that allows the user to adjust the chair to different heights according to needs thanks to a perfectly integrated system.

Switch On creativity

“On” is not only comfortable. The “On” seat is a furnishing accessory that encourages creativity and offers countless modular solutions, starting from a single element: the seat. “On” can be fully customised in the colours of plastic elements and the seat upholstery, available in a wide range of fabrics and colours. A simple hooking system allows “On” to be attached to any type of base, thus meeting the most varied functional needs: a fixed stool with 4 legs, a height-adjustable stool, stackable seats, benches with and without a backrest, and sectional and modular systems for meetings, etc.

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      • Productor: Gabriel

        Designer: Mette Krebs Petersen

        Tela 100% de Poliéster. Peso 510 gr/lm. Resistencia a la abrasión: 75.000 Martindale EN ISO 12947-2. Reacción al fuego: EN 1021 1&2 Ð BS 5852 0&1 Ð California Tech. Bull. 117-E Ð UNI 9175 Class 1 IM. Pilling: EN ISO 12945-2:4. Solidez de los colores a la luz: EN ISO 105-B02:5/7. Solidez de los colores al rozamiento: EN ISO 105x12:4/5 (húmedo/seco).
        Pasar sobre la superficie de la tela regularmente con una aspiradora, teniendo cuidado de no frotar sobre la superficie de la tela. Manchas pequeñas y/o marcas se pueden limpiar con un paño humedecido y un poco jabón neutro. Dejar secar en modo natural, sin escurrir. No utilizar detergentes que contengan alcohol y/o amoníaco o detergentes fuertes que pueden dañar con el tiempo el aspecto y la tensión de la tela.

        Para los colores y las combinaciones posibles de cada producto, hacer referencia a la lista de precios y a las condiciones generales de venta.

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