Dorigo Design

Dorigo Design studio was founded by Fiorenzo Dorigo in 1992, and it operates in the fields of industrial, furniture, product and interior design.

Fiorenzo was born in Treviso, Italy, in 1953 and started working on design and creative direction for the furniture industry in 1975, whilst studying art and design in Venice. He is a member of ADI (Industrial Design Association) and has been an independent designer since 1987. His projects have won several international prizes and awards including Good Design Awards, Red Dot Award, BigSee and Index Dubai Award.

From his studio in Conegliano, Italy, Fiorenzo works together with lead designer Luca Garbet and a team of creatives. His son, architectural designer Massimo Dorigo, is based at the UK office, in Bath.

Seeking beauty and innovation rather than trends, Dorigo Design projects explore concepts that not only look good but that also feel and work well: a practical and thoughtful no-nonsense design, characterised by sharp and crisp lines, sensible details, quality and durability.

Dorigo Design collaborates with many European, American and Asian companies within the office, domestic, contract and public sectors.