ECONA defines Sitland approach to an eco-sustainable production, based on circular design principles and capable to achieve our standards for waste and emissions reduction.

An ICON, with the “E”:


We believe that the only sense of design is in releasing products that are no less than perfect, which fully express the craftsmanship that we have always sought.


We choose sustainable materials; we create products easy to disassemble. We look to circular economy as the only path to follow.


Our every move as human beings reverberates on the world around us. Our every move on product design is therefore reflected in our company policy.


A material that lasts, timeless design, an unforgettable name.

A model of sustainability for Sitland


Reduction of emissions, source of renewable energy, efficient use of materials, as well as the respect of the environment and the employees: these are the goals we have set for our own organisation, the same values we seek in our partners.


We are constantly looking for innovative, eco-friendly materials that can meet the requirements of zero-impact production.

Our upholstery collection includes a wide selection of 100% recycled fabrics.


Cycle, Recycle.

From the packaging to the finished product, we believe that making all the components of our products as recyclable as possible is a challenge that we must take.

The choice of materials and the circularity of the products

Milos Lounge is our first Econa product.

From now on, the Econa products datasheet will be updated with the material mapping, the circularity indicators and other relevant information.


Intuitive graphics will explain the products’ composition and the ratio of the materials used for their manufacturing.

Our research into eco-friendly materials continues.


These 4 indicators are the expression for our products’ circularity performance

and the outcome of Sitland’s sustainable approach to design.

Find out which of our products obtained the Econa label


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