Upholstery collection update

We are pleased to announce that the new Sitland upholstery collection is now available.

In addition to the usual updating of the colour palette, the selection is enriched with the following new coatings:

Chili fabric / Gabriel: made of 75% post-consumer recycled flame-retardant polyester, it meets sustainability criteria and is the result of a mix of single-color and melange fibres, which creates a simple but distinctive two-tone grid design. Soft to the touch, it has a dull and slightly irregular appearance that mimics the texture of natural textile fibres.

• Active plus fabric / Sitland: Sitland's response to the needs of the delicate historical period we are experiencing. An exclusive Sanitized® certified coating, long-lasting hygienic function that protects against the formation of bacteria and odours.

• Yoredale fabric / Camira: wool fabric made with bouclé style yarn, a timeless, refined and elegant style.

• Iris fabric / Rada: made of 100% recycled PET and 100% recyclable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A concrete example of Sitland's commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment.

• Deans fabric / Vescom: the double-face upholstery, perfect for multiple declinations on lounge and contract seats.

• Panama leather / Dani: lively and versatile, soft and light to the touch.

• SX Box Land leather / Dani - NX skai: evolution of the already known S and N. Leather with a pronounced grain surface with a homogeneous appearance, pleasant to the touch and totally phthalate-free assorted skai.

• Secret coated fabric / Flukso: fireproof and soft to the touch, it has characteristics of resistance to sun exposure and bad weather.