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4 advices to choose the right chair

The choice of the correct chair, no matter if it is for working or studying, can prevent the occurrence of musculo-skeletal disorders.

There are many issues to be considered for choosing the right chair. Here below, the 4 main points explaining how to select the right model:

1 Executive, manager, task, meeting or visitor?

Before choosing the chair, it is necessary to define the user, the environment and the usage time.
Both executive and manager chairs even if they are ideal for formal and representative settings, with the right upholstery, they can be used also in informal environment and in the home office.
The task chairs have been designed to grant the best comfort and performance. They are the perfect choice for the staff areas in the office as well as for the home office.
Meeting and visitors’ chairs are more suitable for breakout and collaborative areas providing in any case a good level of comfort.

2 The chair must adapt to the user

The chair we use to work or to study will be our “companion” for many hours during the day. As for a dress, the chair has to adapt to our sizes. It is important, then, that the selected model has all the necessary features.

  • Back

It has to support the spine and it has to be adjustable. A version with adjustable in height lumbar support should be chosen. The lumbar support allows you to keep the natural curve of the spine and it promotes a correct posture. The Siitland’s models which comes with an integrated lumbar support are Spirit and Leaf, while for the models like Team Strike, and Soffio it is optional.

  • Seat

For a correct posture of the user while seated, it is important that the angle of the knee is at 90° and that the soles of the feet rest on the ground. This position allows a better blood circulation and reduce fatigue. For this reason, the seat has to be adjustable in height and it has to be padded to do not create compression. For tall people, we suggest choosing a model with seat depth adjustment so that the upper part of the leg has a proper support.

  • Mechanism

It allows the regulation of the back inclination and, if provided, it lets you lock the back in the desired position. Hereunder the main mechanisms available:

  1. Dynamic synchronized: in addition of the back inclination, it allows the regulation of the tension according to the body weight as well as the locking of the back in 11 positions. Such a mechanism is available on Spirit model.
  2. Self-regulation synchronized: the regulation of the back inclination self-adjusts according to the body weight of the user and it can be locked in 4 positions. This mechanism is available for models like Butterfly and Invicta Balance, but also on Why Not, Delta or Libra.
  3. There are also other simple systems like the tilting mechanism with central axis or the tilting system. The first one can be locked in 5 positions (available on Classic and Body), while the second one allows the tilting of all the whole chair and it can be locked in working position only. In general, this last system is used on single-shell models like Milos and Soul, but is it assembled also in some versions of Vega and Line.
  • Armrest

They are an essential element if the chair is used for many hours. The armrests serve at maintaining a correct posture and they are a support during the rest moments. As for the mechanisms and castors, the armrests also are available in different versions: fixed, adjustable in height and with pivoting top. For tall people, we recommend always the adjustable in height arms to avoid that the chair hit against the desk.

  • Headrest

The headrest is quite often optional, but it is an additional comfort for the working chairs. The headrest can be integrated in the back structure of the chair, as for many executive chairs, or it can be bought separately like for Libra model.

3 A comfortable chair has to provide free movement

A comfortable chair has to be steady and allows free movement. For this reason, it is better to choose a chair with 5 spoke base on castors. There are also different castors according to the floor where we want to place the chair. For hard floor, it is suggested to use rubber castors which will not spoil the floor, while for soft floor, like carpet or moquette, it is suggested to use hard free castors to facilitate the scrolling. When possible, it is better to opt for self-braking castors to prevent uncontrolled sliding of the chair.

4 You should also please the eye…

Last but not least, also the aesthetics has to be considered: a comfortable chair has to be also nice looking. Almost all the components of a chair are available in different finishing. The color of the plastics or of the metal parts can be combined with the structure of the desk or with the furniture around. Colors like white or black are classics while the chrome finish is more suitable for elegant and formal environments. As far as the upholstery is concerned, there are many factors to consider: composition, rub resistance, (Martindale cycles), fire-retardancy, sustainability. Sitland offers a wide range of upholstery in many different colors among fabrics, leathers and faux leathers. Click here to discover the upholstery available.